Specializing in Small Business

Leo Maher Accounting is a year-round full-service firm located in Chatham Massachusetts. Specializing in small businesses of all types particularly S Corps and sole proprietorships as well as individual tax preparation, tax planning, and bookkeeping on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Construction and Contractors

Tax season can be a difficult time of the year for busy contractors on Cape Cod. Leo Maher offers year-round bookkeeping and tax services to maximize deductions, track expenses and stabilize seasonal revenue.

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Small Business of Cape Cod

Leo can discuss the pros and cons of different business entities and most importantly he can help you decide which entity fits your specific business venture. Leo specializes in S Corps or LLC’s that file as an S Corp.

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Commercial Fishing & Maritime Taxes

Tax Laws for Commercial Fishing unique to Massachusetts are often misinterpreted. Leo Maher's many years as Commercial Fisherman expertly navigates such laws to help you put more food on the table.

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Real Estate & Rental Property Taxes

On Cape Cod, owners of rental properties, seasonal rentals, second homes, even brokers and real estate agents have sought Leo Maher to keep up with expenses and deductions and establish an accurate cost basis for depreciation. 

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Self Employed & Trades

Self Employment offers many tax benefits at both state and federal levels. Leo Maher helps you gain the maximum advantages of self-employment.

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Active Duty & Retired Military Taxes

Retired Military pay, Veterans' benefits and Active duty income receive special consideration in Massachusetts. Leo Maher Accounting helps military service personnel and their families realize all local, state and Federal tax benefits.

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Active Duty Pay

With over 20 years military service, Leo's extensive tax and benefit assists Active Duty military personnel and their families receive all due benefits and avoid double taxation due to frequent relocation and confusion over states of residency. Leo has successfully filed many exemptions for veterans, active duty, and their spouses within Massachusetts and other states and U.S. territories to achieve maximum allowable tax refunds.

Veterans Benefits

With over 20 years military service, Leo's extensive experience has assisted Veterans and their families with benefits and appropriate taxation, specifically in the State of Massachusetts, where Leo has successfully filed many exemptions for veterans, active duty, and their spouses within Massachusetts and other states.

Retired Pay

Military retirement pay is taxed at the federal level but each state treats it differently. Leo can file taxes in all 50 states and his experience in the military and in helping military clients will ensure your retirement pay gets the most advantageous treatment possible.

Military and Veterans

Retired Pay, Veterans Benefits, and Active duty pay:

Leo’s 20 years of service have left him well versed in the multitude of tax choices facing active duty military, particularly state tax issues and determining residency/domicile (legal residency). The military spouse’s residency relief act (MSSRA) dramatically changed taxing options for active duty military families. Leo has successfully filed many spousal residency exemptions with the state of Massachusetts.


Military and Veterans

Retired pay, Veterans' benefits, Active duty pay

Our Goal

Our Goal is to ensure all clients pay the least amount of tax legally possible.